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Alternative Dispute Resolution/


Mediation (or Alternative Dispute Resolution-ADR) is a process by which a neutral third party guides you through the process of finding a mutually acceptable resolution to your conflict.

A mediator guides the process.

The parties control the outcome.


Present your options in a safe space with a professional who ensures everyone is heard and understood.

Family Mediation addresses issues that arise in the context of families, including:

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Visitation & Time-Sharing

  • Parenting Agreements

  • Spousal & Child Support

  • Division of Property

Faulkner Post Law Firm is pleased to offer mediation services for family law matters as an alternative to litigation.

Mediation is a lower cost alternative to litigation for disputes in the family law context.


Communicate needs and concerns effectively

Consider and understand the issues

Explore options for resolution

Find mutually agreeable solutions

Ask us a question
Schedule a mediation

For additional mediation services, please visit:

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